LIBEn mietintö hyväksytty – Kaupin puhe aiheesta

LIBEn teletietoja käsittelevä raportti on hyväksytty selvin numeroin parlamentissa – lisätietoja tulossa heti kun saadaan.

Piia-Noora Kauppi piti aiheesta seuraavan puheen istunnossa :

I want to express my enthusiastic support for Mr Alvaro’s
report. It would be an act of folly if the proposed data retention
scheme went through in its current form.

Cybercrime is a real plague, threatening to compromise the
stability and security of our information systems. It needs to be
targeted with meaningful controls. However, burdening telecommunications
companies and internet service providers with the costs of storing all
the information they process for 1 year is a poorly considered response
– a shot in the dark.

Regardless of whether his transactions and communications go on
record, the true criminal, one who is committed to avoiding easy
detection, will know how to cover his tracks. And in any case, given the
volume of data that would have to be retained, particularly Internet
data, it is unlikely that a comprehensive analysis of the data will ever
be carried out on time to be of any use. We have seen clear indications
that it wasn’t for a lack of data that US security agencies missed
important clues in the lead-up to the events of September 11, but for
lack of manpower to transcribe, translate, and analyse the gathered

Some have argued that the costs of data retention should be
borne by governments, not companies. Either way it is a waste of money.

Aside from the negative financial consequences, the system would
infringe on the privacy of personal data of individuals. The European
Convention of Human Rights gives us clear guidelines, enforced by the
Court of Justice, on when this data can be stored. The proposed blanket
scheme does not meet the criteria.

I call on my colleagues to follow Mr Alvaro in hurrying this
proposal to a swift and complete end.