Grokster hävisi – entä teknologiateollisuus

Tuoreet uutiset USA:sta kertovat, että Grokster on hävinnyt oikeudenkäyntinsä. Perusteena oli yllytys tekijänoikeusrikokseen.

Washington Post:

The lower courts reasoned that, like VCRs, the file-sharing software can be used for “substantial” legal purposes, such as giving away free songs, free software or government documents. They also said the file-sharing services were not legally responsible because they don’t have central servers pointing users to copyright material.

But in Monday’s ruling, Souter said lower courts could find the file-sharing services responsible by examining factors such as how companies marketed the product or whether they took easily available steps to reduce infringing uses.

** Päivitys **

Päätös on nyt saatavissa verkosta:
Opinion of the Court by Justice Souter.
Concurence by Justice Ginsburg, joined by Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice Kennedy.
Concurrence by Justice Breyer, joined by Justices Stevens and O’Connor

** Päivitys **

Päätös jättää Sony-päätöksen ennalleen eli jos sen kriteerit täyttyvät ja kyse ei ole yllytyksestä, teknologiat ovat edelleen laillisia. (Vrt. Picker MobBlog asiasta)